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Design Build

vs. Design Bid Build

The Kevin A. Yeager Studio of Design has helped hundreds of clients with their projects by the implementation one of two basic systems…

Design Build vs. Design Bid Build

The Kevin A. Yeager Studio of Design has helped hundreds of clients with their projects by the implementation one of two basic systems…


With this method, the owner typically selects their “team” before real design work begins. The designer and builder work collaboratively with the client to execute design, pricing and finally construction in one singular motion. DB is characterized by high levels of communication between the home owner, designer and construction partners. This monolithic team style approach is very effective at revealing budgetary aspects early in the process. In many cases the design costs can be “rolled” into the cost of the construction.


This is the most widely used process in the U.S. construction industry. The owner contracts separately with an independent designer, and then with plans and specifications in hand, seeks a contractor. The design firm is hired to develop plans that fully eliminate any ambiguity for the purpose of true pricing comparisons. The owner or designer agent then solicits fixed price bids from contractors to perform the work. Designers and contractors bear no contractual obligation to one another and the designer bears all risk associated with the completeness and accuracy of the construction documents. The designer then also serves as an independent representative to the client throughout the construction process.


There are just to many factors at play to know the right path without a bit of dialogue. Timing, cost, risks and expectations all must be considered to reveal the best system for each individual client. But, here is the good news; we can help you with the decision and then provide the services to execute either option.


There are a tremendous amount of factors at play; the methods mentioned above can be implemented with a wide degree of completeness to manage ambiguity and ultimately risk. More comprehensive documentation mitigates risk but, also cost more to produce. As a general rule of thumb these services cost between 1% and 5% of the project cost for full implementation depending on completeness. A brief consultation will reveal the potential approach methods, the costs and risks associated with each.

A La Carte Services

A La Carte Services



The objective of this phase is to identify all of the parameters of the upcoming project. Scope of work, client expectation, timeframe and budget are just a few of the topics of discussion.
  1. Site review.
  2. Design consultation.
  3. Site planning and zoning considerations.
  4. The production of preliminary floor plans of all floor levels to scale.
  5. The production of exterior hand drawn renderings of proposed front and rear in full color to scale.
  6. The production of preliminary site plan including, structure placement, set backs, driveways ect.



The objective of this phase is to identify potential cost scenarios as well as execute revisions to the completed phase 1 design work. We will also introduce our work to our construction partners for input.
  1. Discuss and execute any revisions to Phase 1 work.
  2. Introduce our plan to our construction partners for preliminary cost analysis.
  3. Produce a proposed cost structure and viable production schedule.
  4. Verify current path and process of Phase 1 work.



The objective of this towering, labor intensive phase is to complete plans and specifications to a level of comprehension that removes as much ambiguity as possible from the proposed scope of work.
  1. Final review of design work to date.
  2. The completion of construction drawings( blueprints) completed to full comprehension for bidding purposes.
  3. The completion of schedules and specifications completed to full comprehension for bidding purposes.



The objective of this phase is to provide design support with selections of all of the surfaces and components of the interior and exterior of the home.

Important Note: Phase 3 is commonly combined with phase 4 to produce documents identifying all aspects of the project including interior and exterior selections. If the combination of these two phases is not the chosen scenario, the specifications will list those items as “by owner” items or a “allowance list” will be produced to represent potential cost of those unidentified aspects.

  1. Selections of all surface materials, finishes and applications.
  2. Selections of all materials, components, installation scenarios, floorings, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures and, appliances, cabinetry, tops and hardware.
  3. Create documentation to facilitate the implementation of selections.
  4. Selections of audio video considerations, access control and electronic systems.
  5. Selections and documentation of all exterior finishes and components.



The objective of this phase is to have our project bid upon by selected construction partners , review all of the aspects pertaining to design/costs and finally settle upon the correctly balanced project for all of us.
  1. Release our plans and specifications for a 10-21 day bidding period.
  2. Review received bid.
  3. Review all costs associated with our project.
  4. Update and revise drawings and specifications to reflect any revisions made based upon cost considerations.



The objective of this phase is to design, document and bid all of the aspects pertaining to landscaping for your project. This uses the same basic format as the home design process.
  1. Identify scope of work and create the drawings and selections to facilitate bidding, review and implementation of all of the work to be completed.
  2. Identify and document materials, features, lighting, AV, irrigation and planting design.
  3. Receive bids for the scope of work.



The objective of this phase is to assist with all of the traditional aspects of interior decorating.
  1. Furnishings, window treatments and accessories.
  2. “Designer on hand” when shopping for these components.


This menu of services is designed to be used “a la-carte”. The client is not committed to use all of each phase, or to continue into the next phase. This menu simply offers a basic format of the typical order and contents of the design and management services my studio offers. It should also be mentioned that the process of design and management of a new home encompasses hundreds of hours and types of work, this menu couldn’t possibly identify all of the aspects of my service or how it may be implemented during the course of a project.

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