About Kevin A. Yeager

How did you get your start designing houses?

My career realistically began in early childhood. I cannot recall a time when you wouldn’t find me without a pen and paper in hand. My love affair with the arts eventually led me to a well established design firm where I was hired as a architectural renderer and model builder. A short time later, in 1992, I was approached by a client who asked If I would be interested in designing their home — and the rest as they say is history.

Kevin A. Yeager

What kind of work has been your focus?

Primarily residential design. Since my professional beginning, way back in 1992, I have been very fortunate to enjoy tremendous success. I have designed and been a part of about 600 major residential projects in around 30 states from coast to coast. I have also cultivated an affinity to not only the buildings themselves, but also the finishes. I have a large following of clients that hire my firm for just interior design services. In the past I have worked on some restaurants and commercial spaces, But my studio focuses primarily on custom homes, especially water front.

What are you most proud of?

One would expect that being the recipient of dozens of design awards, (some national) or being featured in literally hundreds publications would be my greatest sense of accomplishment. But to tell you the truth, I am most proud when, every December, the flood of greeting cards from past clients and their families begins to fill my mail box.

For me, its about the people I have helped make a dream become reality. I helped to create the canvas they paint their lives upon.

What sets you apart from the rest?

I listen. It’s that simple. I do not go to work every day in the hopes of finding a client that wants to pay for what I want to build. I sit down with people, listen to what they want, and draw upon my experience to deliver that. You can see this manifested in my work. You will see homes of every possible size and archetype. I strive to build homes that are truly a reflection of the people who will actually dwell there, not me.

Do you have a personal life or just work?

I am ashamed to say that my family would probably say that I work to much. I try every day to find a balance. I have been blessed to be married to my best friend and long-time partner in crime, Melissa. We have 4 beautiful daughters and reside primarily in a turn of the century estate on the shores of the Mississippi in Brainerd, Minnesota. We also divide time in Manhattan, Cape Cod, or anywhere we stumble upon that sells great crab cakes.

What Past Clients Say...

The True Measure of Great Homes

“When we first met Kevin he said, ‘The true measure of great homes is how closely they reflect the personalities of those whom actually dwell in them.’ Now that we are here, there just isn’t anywhere on earth we would rather be.”

Kevin & Pamela Cook

Way Beyond Our Expectations

“Kevin made sense of our conflicting ideas, addressing all of our concerns and helped us construct a home and a project experience way beyond our expectations.”

John & Kay Delinsky

Saved Us Nearly 15%

“One of our major concerns was having plans and documentation that were accurate and complete enough for us to enter a truly apples-to-apples competitive bidding scenario. In the end, the plans his studio created saved us nearly 15% on the exact same home.”

John & Karen Schwankl

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